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Samantha Diane.<3

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Name: Samantha
Location: North Carolina
Birthday: July 19th
I hear: whatevers on my lj

My Girls:

kaelyn,alyx,rena,jaida, ali,brandi,amy,ally,
and theres more but i'll do
type them later ♥♥♥

The Likes:

& that's all for now

The Dislikes:

people who are rude,backstabbers,
being grounded,bad hairdays,
& guess thats it for now

The Layout:

This layout was created by Jen, aka loveoncamera. It features Shane West and Mandy Moore from the movie A WALK TO REMEMBER. The images are the copyright of their respective owners. The lyrics are from Mandy Moore's song "Only Hope," and the song in the background is "Someday We'll Know" by Switchfoot & Mandy Moore.

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August , 2005
[ mood | bored ]

well considering that my last update was in march, i think that pretty much means that i'm done with livejournal. i'm not gonna delete my account because i still comment every once in a blue moon but you are very welcome to take me off your "friends list" because chances are i wont comment very often & i wont be updating again :)

thank you

i know now you're my only hope.(2)

March , 2005
[ mood | tired ]

okay, well my computer has the trojan virus haha so i can't get on the internet without it freezing up, i mean i can get on aim and all that stuff but not the internet, idk? but anyways that's why i havn't updated yet. (i'm sneaking on my moms computer right now) so anywho im sorry i havn't been commenting on anyones journal lately but it's hard since i can't do it on my computer!  so for now im just going to post some pictures and i'll try to reply to comments and comment in journals as much as i can sorry! <3 so on to the pictures:

+3Collapse )

oh so an update on my weekend:

friday i went to the movies with chelsey,alyssa,brian, and megan, it was a blast! we saw hitch and then i went to chelsey's afterwards and we talked to brian online for like 5 hours, i was tired :-x , so hm yah thats it :-) <33

i know now you're my only hope.(31)

February , 2005
[ mood | thankful ]

okay well there is alot of people on my friends list who like never comment anymore & thats okay b/c i dont always comment either, i just go back to commenting on everyones journals so anywho i am getting ready to delete people on my friends list who dont comment back to this entry so i guess you could say a friends cut haha so please comment back on this entry if you want to be kept or added :-)

thank you very much ♥



i know now you're my only hope.(47)

February , 2005
[ mood | relaxed ]


^go there :-) its fun haha// thanks kaitlyn <3

hm well tomorrow im going to see boogyman with kaitlyn & chelsey? and im sure im gonna have a heart attack haha. i get scared easily but i love watching scary movies!

*to all of you who need or want to promote your communities @ this moment , go ahead and do it now because i feel like joining some more communities . so promote them in this entry if you wish :-) <3

k done.



i know now you're my only hope.(13)

January , 2005
[ mood | amused ]

pictures & some random thingsCollapse )

i know now you're my only hope.(16)

January , 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

what i watched alll last night <3Collapse )

i know now you're my only hope.(32)

COMMENT. <3 [Tuesday
January , 2005
[ mood | amused ]

.pictures.<3 commentCollapse )

i know now you're my only hope.(27)

January , 2005
[ mood | thankful ]

describe me in two words



fill this out please! even if you dont know me that well, just describe me in two words the best you can from what you think i seem like<3

//if you need to fill it out in a couple more words than 2 thats okay :-)\\

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
i know now you're my only hope.(19)

* my boring life * [Wednesday
December , 2004
[ mood | giggly ]

okay i know i've been really bad about updating and commenting and im sorry i've just been really busy . im gonna try to be better about commenting & stuff <3

so heres whats been going on in my life :

well im in florida right now and im actually kind of bored and i miss my friends. i think im gonna start posting pictures more because no one really likes reading about my boring life. i mean you are probably reading this now and say "damn her life is boring" but thats okay because im saying the same thing to myself right now haha. oh yah i got a new ring tone today hehe its stacys mom . k done

by the way doesnt anyone know how you can go back in delete alll of your other entries without actually having to go back to each & everyone of them and delete them if so please tell me . thanks . <3

im getting a new layout made for my journal and i really want a new song
any suggestions?

i know now you're my only hope.(43)

just something to think about. [Tuesday
December , 2004
[ mood | disappointed ]

just something i thought i'd share with you because it made me think alot about how i treat other people and how i treat my parents so maybe you'd like to think about it too.<3

well. last night i got in trouble once again for being mean to my mom then she sat me down and started talking to me about how i treat her . i mean she does everything for me. she buys my clothes. takes me places. gives up everything just so i can be happy. she told me how i've turned into a snob. and i think i really have. i should never treat her like that after all that she does for me. and i realized i dont treat others around me all that great either. i've made fun of people before because of the way they look or act or dress and thats wrong. everyone is different and thats what makes our world so great. i mean if everyone was alike that would be really boring. but anyways. i hate the way i've treated people i should put myself in their shoes. i would hate to be made fun of just because i look or act different then everyone else. i dont want to be the person who makes fun of other people just to make myself feel better. thats the person i said i'd always hate and never want to be like though its the person i think i've kind of turned into.
i really look back at how i've treated people and i hate it. i want to change and be a nicer person than i am. i thought i'd tell you this because it made me think of how i treat people and maybe if your at all like me you may too. :-/.

<3 samantha.

by they way sorry i havnt updated in for like ever. i just got my computer back.


i know now you're my only hope.(21)

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